Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rock on Paul!

Paul is such a joyful, full of life type of kid.  His cheerful nature is like a tonic to everyone around him. He has one of those that happy-go-lucky, "can do" personalities which immediately lift your spirits, even if it's been a really challenging day. How could anyone look at that face and not smile right back?

He looks like he's rocking out on the bongo drums here, but he's actually using an upside-down bin as his own personal walker. He can walk 5-6 steps on his own now, but he has worked out this method for long distance travelling. Paul takes the saying " Where there is a will, there is a way" very seriously. If he needs to go somewhere, reach something, find someone or get his point across, he will find a way! Sometimes his solutions are quite creative, as you can see - maybe he has a future as an engineer?

Although looking at this face, perhaps rock stardom might be his career of choice. This guy is just too cool!
It's such fun watching Paul shine. His condition when he arrived was so frightening that it was hard to picture him surviving even a week. Now he's bubbling with personality, and he loves being the life of the party. Of course, we all love it too!

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful boy!!! :-)