Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hallo Finlay

Jonathon is settling in wonderfully with his foster family. It’s great to see him learning new things every day and soaking up the love which surrounds him. Being fostered by an incredible family is the best preparation in the world for the day Jonathon is adopted, and welcomed into his own family forever.
Jonathon moving into foster care is also great in another way. While he enjoys the benefits of family life, his cot at the Hospice is now open to another child who is truly in need of specialized care.
So, this week we say hallo to precious Finlay. He is a lovely child, with a complex congenital heart condition. At only 9 months old, his eyes already reflect the trauma he has experienced. When he was 3 months old, he came to the SWI after being abandoned. Not long afterwards, he made the long journey to Beijing with orphanage staff for a cardiac assessment. Sadly, hopes for restoring his health were shattered when the surgeons gave him little hope for survival. Now he has come to us, and we have welcomed him with open arms.

He really is a sick baby. There are many times when his breathing is laboured and it’s hard to listen to him struggle. And yet – he wants to reach out and connect with the people around him. He’s alert and he smiles when you talk to him. He enjoys being cuddled and he seems to like watching TV. His first meal at Butterfly Home was lovingly prepared by Daphne, and Finlay appreciated that delicious and healthy food. His heart may not be functioning as it should, but this little boy is so much more than a heart condition.
We can’t see what lies ahead for Finlay – like every one of our kids, he will write his own story. We do know that we will do whatever we can to help him – starting with a second opinion about his heart. We want to explore every option for our newest butterfly. This time, we’ll be talking with doctors in Shanghai. We’re hoping for good news of course: a better prognosis, and a medical team willing to operate. But no matter what – we will treasure Finlay and show him every day that he is loved. His sweet smile will lift our hearts, as we hope and pray for his to be healed. Stay tuned …. Finlay’s’ story is unfolding.

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