Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's up with Finlay? (now updated with pictures)

HOPE - that's what's up !
We are so excited to find out that Finlay is not inoperable after all. Of course, there is still a long way to go for this our little guy, but we are choosing to celebrate each step. And right now, we are celebrating HOPE.
Finlay's condition is a transposition of the great arteries. This is a serious situation, and in a perfect world, his heart would have been operated on at birth. Sadly, we all know the world is not perfect (yet), and now Finlay is almost a year old and still without surgery. The abnormal way that blood flows around his heart and lungs means the left side of Finlay's heart is underdeveloped and weak. So his heart repair has to be done in 2 stages. The first stage is pulmonary artery banding and a shunt. Then he will be given some time for his left ventricle to build up strength, before a second operation to switch the blood vessels to their correct positions. The time between surgeries could be as short as two weeks, or it could be more like three months. And his heart muscle will need to respond well for the second operation to even be possible.
Finlay's first surgery will be later this week, perhaps Wednesday or Thursday. Please stand with us as we ask for healing for this little boy. It is our great hope that he will recover strongly from this first surgery, and that his little heart will respond properly, thus allowing the second operation to go ahead. The surgeon has stressed to us how dangerous this procedure can be, so we are especially asking that our friends around the world hold Finlay in their thoughts this week.
 We are thankful for the surgeons in Shanghai, who are willing to give him this chance, and the SWI, who also want to see him healed. The estimated costs we have been given for the two stages of the repair are around GBP 10 000, or around US$15 000. It's a huge amount of money, but we are trusting that there will be provision for these expenses. If you would like to be part of the gift of life for Finlay, please contact us or donate via the website.
We hope to be updating Finlay's story with news of his Stage 1 operation soon!

UPDATE: Finlay's ayi has sent these pictures and we couldnt wait to share them.
 Doesn't he look cute? There is more than a dash of mischief in this little boy.

 His blue lips show how much he NEEDS this surgery. He has already been waiting too long.
Uh-Oh. I think this might be the look he gives when he is tired of having his picture taken. But even when he's grumpy, he's still handsome!

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I will continue to pray for Finlay!