Monday, November 7, 2011

New haircut!

Dear little Sarah has a new haircut, and suddenly she doesn't look like a baby anymore. She's had her hair trimmed a few times before, but these bangs definitely make her look all "little girl". It's amazing how a haircut can make a child look so grown up!

Sarah is a party girl, with an engaging nature, and a talent for socializing. Her left arm has some nerve damage which makes it weaker than her right, though she doesn't seem to find that a problem. Twice daily she has physio sessions to help her work on new skills, but actually this little girl is pretty motivated to keep working all through the day. If there are fun and cuddles to be had, Sarah will get herself there. 
She's always happy to see YeYe Alan, because she knows she can count on him for a game and a giggle!

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