Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pink is for girls - right?

I know we have been celebrating Finlay's pink lips and fingertips .... but some of our other boys are pretty in pink too. It's a cute cultural difference that pink is not necessarily a girls colour here. Nor is purple. So be warned - if you come for a visit, don't ever assume that a baby all dressed in pink or purple is a little girl. Our ayis lovingly pick out clothing for "their" babies - making sure they fit well, and look cute and cosy.  But colour has nothing to do with the selection process, as you can see!
Here is handsome Jonathon, before he moved to foster care. He is looking dashing in candy pink.

And here is Paul in sweet pastel stripes. You might notice that he is eating his snack with relish - this is typical Paul! He loves his snacks!

This one shows little William, enjoying a tender moment with his ayi. On this day, he was wearing a soft fleecy pink romper, and looking very cosy in it.

  And this is such a cute shot of William with Paul, Hannah, Swallow and Angel. It especially makes me smile to see Paul's wonderful purple vest.

So next time you see a referral picture of a baby boy in pink or purple - it's probably not because there weren't any other colours available. Babies wear any colour at all here, and they always look cute!


Anonymous said...

The children are precious and beautiful in all kinds of colors. :-) Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures. Prayers for the Butterflies and the saints that care for them.
Blessings to all!!

Drew and Rachel said...

love it!

here the anthropologist in me, with another angle.

people groups of the world have varying schemas for colors.

for westerners, light blue is still a shade of blue. we don't call it "bink" or something. but although pink is just a lighter shade of read, we don't think of it as light red, we consider it pink.

but to chinese, pink is light red! literally, in chinese pink is 'light red' just like 'light blue' or something.

interesting huh?

but .. I've heard lots of time that's it's strange to dress boys in red on a normal daily basis (exceptions for holidays and special dress). if my boys wear red people always guess that they are girls, based on clothing color!

. said...

Cool Rach - thanks for sharing. I never thought of pink as light red - but so true. Isn't it fascinating the way language and culture are so reflective of each other.
Love Fi