Friday, December 16, 2011


Anyone have their birthday right before Christmas? Finlay does - and it seems so fitting right now that this little boy's life is saturated with celebrations. First comes the joy of his birthday, and then the magic of Christmas.
Before surgery, it would have been quietly understood that these celebrations were likely to be Finlay's only birthday, and his last Christmas. But that has changed, and Finlay has a new future stretching out before him. Our hopes for him are different now - many birthdays, many Christmases, a family, friends, school - it's exciting to wonder what may be planned for Finlay's life. Right now, we are so happy to be celebrating that he is home with us again.
 These cakes are just amazing. Looks like Finlay prefers his healthy baby food though. He got lots of presents for his birthday. His sweet ayis went to a lot of trouble to chose some lovely new winter clothes for him. Our children are not just a job for these precious ladies - they truely love each child that they care for.
He looks so handsome in the light of the Christmas tree. We can see that every day, he is becoming stronger and less afraid. He already has all the ayis doting on him. This boy has a gift for winning hearts.
Taking in the beauty of the Christmas tree. Bright lights and decorations are so mesmerizing to little ones!

We are so glad that you are home, Finlay.

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