Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby, it's cold outside.

Remember that balmy autumn weather we were enjoying so much? Yeah - so do we! I think a look at these pictures will show that "balmy" is no longer the word to describe our weather conditions.
Isn't Swallow cute? Just peeping out from under her hat, with her fingers all snug in her jacket sleeves.
Annie's smile will warm up the day, no matter what the weather is like.
Thomas was awake when he first came outside, but he soon drifted off, tucked up under a cosy quilt.
And Angel looks like a little cupcake in her pink hat, coat, and quilt!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who have made and sent us our cosy quilts. You can see that they are well used and in much loved. In fact we have many local visitors exclaim over these lovely quilts. They are always very moved that people would spend so much time stitching beautiful things for sick and orphaned children. So these quilts not only keep the children warm, but also show our neighbours how loved and precious each of these children are. A hand made quilt says that this child is worthy of time, worthy of effort, and worthy of love. You would be amazed at how far that message can travel!

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