Monday, January 23, 2012

A different type of Butterfly House

We are so thankful for the support we receive from our neighbours. It comes in all different forms - donations of milk powder and nappies, letters of encouragement, financial support, and sweet volunteers giving their time and hearts. We love being part of a community effort - each set of arms tenderly supporting our kids is supported in turn by a whole loving "family" - both local and across the world. It's something really special.
 And we have to say - sometimes the support we receive comes in surprising and beautiful ways. Just recently, Lyn was honoured to open the Butterfly House at the botanical gardens. That's not another Butterfly Home ( though of course, that will be coming) - that's a Butterfly House - full of butterflies, not babies.
You can guess what the accessory of the day had to be. This is Lyn, and Hannah's ayi, Rose, both sporting beautiful butterfly nose decorations! They will be the big thing next season, just you wait and see.
Hannah came along too, and she posed in front of all the spectacular decorations. To be honest, Hannah was a little overwhelmed by all the pomp and ceremony. In this country, they know how to make an occasion really special. It's incredibly impressive, but for a little child, it can  all be larger than life. But Hannah's ayi was right there with her, and we were proud of the way she coped with such a stimulating environment.

 Of course, there were speeches.
And a symbolic release of butterflies. That was lots of fun. It was also meaningful for us - there is always a moment of release with each of our children. For some it is the incredibly joyful moment they go home with an adoptive family, for others the heartbreak of seeing them leave this world. But for every child, it is our job to make that journey beautiful and to love them every minute we have with them.
Great food is part of any celebration here, and this day was no exception. It's about this time that Hannah became really glad she had come along!

And the Butterfly House made a very generous donation to our Butterfly Home. In addition, they have pledged a donation of 1 Yuan for every ticket sold. So please, if you come here, go visit the Butterfly House at the Botanic Gardens. It's a beautiful place to visit, and they are kind and generous friends to us.


Drew and Rachel said...

so cool!!!!

Helen Surgeon said...

I absolutely adore Hannah, she conveys so much in her expression, I'd love to meet her! (She reminds me of my little one too). So proud of being a small part of this charity's work and extremely proud that Lyn & Alan have made such an impact on the local community ... all while taking care of those lovely children. Well done & well written Fi!