Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sweet William

William has struggled with breathing all his life. Even though his breathing is improving now, his early days must have been pretty awful. Sadly, having to fight for air appears to have  left him with some marked delays. But this little guy is still working hard to become a "big boy" in the Home. Here he is practising standing up. His ayi is giving lots of support, and you can see his head is still quite floppy for a child of his age. If he tries to look around him, he has lots of trouble controlling his head movement. But look at how much stronger his legs are these days!
Balance and strength are both big challenges for William, so he cannot stand or even sit unsupported yet. Daily physio sessions and a whole lot of practise makes a difference though. While it's true that William takes much longer than most children to reach his milestones,  it feels just as sweet when he gets there. You go for it, William!

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